Research Associate

Research Associate

Inhibrx Inc.
La Jolla, CA

Identify, test, and characterize therapeutic antibodies against bacterial pathogens to be used in the development of antibody-based biotherapeutics to treat many of the most dangerous and clinically relevant bacterial and viral infections. Specific duties of the position include:

  • Grow bacterial cultures and extract genomic DNA to clone out DNA sequences of various virulence factors;
  • Perform titers on the serum of immunized llamas to check for the presence of single domain antibodies that bind targets of interest;
  • Make yeast libraries;
  • Sequence sorted yeast and analyze sequences to identify unique VHH antibodies;
  • Culture various strains of bacteria to the necessary growth phases under different conditions to use during binding/blocking assays;
  • Perform binding assays to identify antibodies that bind targets of interest;
  • Perform blocking assays to identify antibodies that block whole bacteria or pathogenic components from binding to their targets in humans, and to identify antibodies that block the toxic effects of whole bacteria or toxins secreted by bacteria;
  • Perform random mutagenesis to affinity mature antibodies from the yeast library;
  • Introduce point mutations through PCR, Gibson Assembly, and cloning;
  • Design and engineer various combinations of VHHs that enhance the valency, specificity, and affinity of multivalent, single-domain antibodies against multiple targets of a pathogen; and
  • Perform binding, cytotoxicity, and cellular assays on all new, optimized antibodies.

Minimum Requirements:
Master’s degree in biology, biochemistry, cell biology, or a related field, plus knowledge that can be gained through graduate level coursework or work experience to include experience in a wet lab; sterile techniques handling pathogenic microorganisms; culturing and discovering, testing, and optimizing antibodies against pathogenic bacteria; research techniques involving the virulence factors of opportunistic pathogens; cloning, ELISAs, Western Blots, protein purification, and gel electrophoresis; bacterial assays; and spectrophotometry to measure bacterial concentrations.

To apply, send resume to and reference the job title and job code “RA2018” in the subject line.