Inhibrx is developing a diverse oncology portfolio comprised of therapeutics with distinct mechanisms of action. These include multivalent costimulatory agonists, checkpoint inhibitors and therapeutics to invert the tumor microenvironment toward local immune activation. We also are developing multispecific therapeutics to engage immune cells to directly kill tumor cells.

Partnered Programs

INBRX-103 (CC-90002) CD47 mAb


Inhibrx’s first immuno-oncology therapeutic is a highly differentiated antibody targeting CD47 that entered clinical studies in early 2015.

INBRX-103 targets CD47 on cancer cells. CD47 binds to SIRPα on macrophages and sends a “don’t eat me” signal thus protecting cancer cells from being engulfed and eliminated (phagocytosis). Cancer cells utilize CD47 to counter their own surface pro-phagocytic molecules and avoid phagocytosis. INBRX-103 blocks the CD47-SIRPα interaction thereby facilitating efficient phagocytosis and elimination of cancer cells.

Inhibrx’s CD47 antibody could be broadly applicable across all tumor types and has a pre-clinical efficacy and safety profile distinct from other CD47 targeting therapeutics – superior efficacy, no hemagglutination of red blood cells, no platelet or red blood cell depletion and no toxicity observed in high dose primate studies.

This mAb is licensed by Celgene.