Inbrx 121 Graphic

The Candidate

Our NKp46 Targeted Detuned IL-2.

Poised to bring NK cells to the forefront of immunotherapy with a best in class profile:

  • NKp46 is an NK-specific marker that maintains expression on tumor-infiltrating NK cells
  • Interleukin 2 (IL-2) drives NK cell expansion and activity, but its therapeutic utility is limited due to rapid drug clearance, expansion of immunosuppressive regulatory T cells, and severe dose-limiting toxicities.
  • Proprietary IL2-X engineering ensures specific modulation of NK Cells without impacting T-cell subsets (Tcon and Treg)
  • INBRX-121 is a detuned, low-affinity IL-2 that is targeted to NKp46-expressing cells via two high-affinity single-domain antibodies (sdAb).