Single Domain Antibody Platform

Single domain antibodies (sdAbs) are small, modular target binding domains that can be combined in a variety of ways to specifically modulate the function of unique biological targets and can be readily manufactured at high yields with standard processes. We have designed various multivalent and multispecific therapeutic formats with the ability to:

  • effectively cluster a precisely defined number of cell surface receptors
  • simultaneously engage multiple antigens or epitopes
  • combine synergistic functions in a single molecule
  • restrict therapeutic activity to the tumor microenvironment or other biologically distinct tissue

Multivalent Constitutive Agonists

Multiple classes of cell surface receptors require clustering for activation and to induce downstream intracellular signaling. These receptors are inherently difficult targets for conventional bivalent therapeutic antibodies, which are structurally limited to interaction with two receptors per molecule. In preclinical studies, we and others have observed that increasing the target binding valency of therapeutics targeting these classes of receptors can enhance clustering and achieve robust pathway agonism. We believe that multivalent therapeutic candidates built with our sdAb platform will more effectively target these hard-to-manipulate receptors, increasing the potential to achieve clinical benefit. We have developed higher order, multivalent antibodies that target TNFRSF members that contain four (tetravalent; INBRX-109, INBRX-110) or six (hexavalent; INBRX-106) antigen binding domains.


Conditional Immune Activators

Through protein engineering, Inhibrx has developed innovative therapeutic formats to create conditional immune activation selectively in the suppressive tumor micro-environment. Inhibrx has applied its single domain antibody (sdAb) platform to expand the therapeutic window beyond that of conventional therapeutics against highly promising targets, where limited efficacy was observed due to the concurrent induction of systemic toxicities. The first of these efforts is a conditional 41BB agonist (INBRX-105).

Unique Protein Engineering

Two therapeutic candidates in the Inhibrx pipeline demonstrate our ability to create differentiated therapeutics using conventional antibody and fusion protein technologies. Inhibrx was the first to discover and develop an anti-CD47 antibody capable of blocking the SIRPĪ± interaction without causing hemagglutination (INBRX-103) and the first to create a recombinant Alpha-1 Antitrypsin fusion protein that maintains the ability to inhibit its target protease, neutrophil elastase (INBRX-101).

Multifunctional Anti-Infectives

There is urgent need for new therapeutics to address the epidemic of antibiotic resistance. Inhibrx is committed to addressing this global health threat with multiple ongoing efforts to address priority list pathogens. Our single domain antibody (sdAb) platform enables the creation of multivalent and multispecific antibodies that achieve the coordinated delivery of multiple therapeutic functions in a single molecule for optimal treatment of drug-resistant bacteria.