INBRX-117 is an engineered human asparaginase enzyme therapeutic candidate for the treatment of adult and pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia. INBRX-117 is designed to systemically deplete the nutrient amino acid asparagine, causing tumor cells to die from metabolic stress, leaving non-tumor cells unaffected. Engineered from a human protein, we believe that this product candidate may overcome the high incidence of toxicity induced by the immunogenic nature of the standard of care bacterially derived asparaginases. In addition, INBRX-117 lacks glutaminase activity and, thereby, will not induce toxicities that can arise upon systemic depletion of the amino acid glutamine. INBRX-117 is engineered to achieve a long serum half-life to require less frequent dosing than standard of care asparaginases. In preclinical studies, we observed that INBRX-117 exhibited robust asparaginase activity and killed acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines. We anticipate that the improved safety profile of INBRX-117 will enable a dosing regimen that provides sustained asparagine depletion and potent killing of acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells, with a reduced risk of severe toxicity.