The Inhibrx Mission

Our mission is to discover and develop effective biologic therapeutics for people with life-threatening conditions.

Toward this goal, we’ve developed a diverse pipeline of therapeutic candidates specifically designed to leverage the power of our core sdAb (single-domain antibody) platform and protein-engineering expertise.

Our Scientific Approach

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Because of their stable nature and simple structure, our sdAbs are the ideal building blocks for constructing novel biologics.

Inhibrx History

Our History

Over the last 10 years, we’ve successfully built an innovative culture that encourages scientific risk-taking within the bounds of our data-driven philosophy. This enables our agile R&D team to discover numerous preclinical candidates cost effectively. From these candidates, we select what we believe are highly differentiated programs for clinical development.

From the outset, we’ve sought out ways to improve upon the current model—both in terms of how we operate and the proven discoveries we build upon. Our pioneering team is the powerhouse behind our proprietary technology and the culture at Inhibrx.

Meet our team
Inhibrx Culture

Our Culture

At Inhibrx you’ll not only find a cohort of established, focused, and meticulous scientists, but also a close-knit, creative, and adventurous team. With a shared vision and intrinsic motivation to get there, we inspire each other to go further, look at opportunities from all angles, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in our daily work.

Echoing our versatile technology, we pride ourselves on providing flexibility and autonomy at our headquarters in San Diego, California. Instead of siloing our departments, we emphasize collaboration and a cross-disciplinary approach. We foster the pioneering spirit that makes us who we are—and also empower our people to do what they do best.